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Welcome To The Tech Archive's Data Repository

Who are we?

The Tech Archive is a technology education, consultation and discussions website that seeks to encourage the development of technology in the near and far future by discussing and adding constructive criticism to various software, firmware, hardware, devices as well as providing assistance in difficult times. We aim to be the centre of global tech updates and discussions, where everyone can learn about technology.

What is the repository for?

This repository aims to document all possible information on various topics, be it hardware or software, productivity or entertainment based. We seek to provide an encyclopedia on technology as a whole, allowing both the savvy and non savvy to learn to grow and develop their own systems. It also provides information that can be used for troubleshooting various issues, or simply for the educational gain. Anyone is welcome to contribute to this repository, and all information can be distributed freely. We invite you to assist with growing, and sharing any knowledge on any technology related topic, no matter how much or how little knowledge you have. Everything helps to make this archive better and more detailed.

Wish to help?

Simply register an account, and begin editing or creating pages to help spread information!